Human Space Flight Operations

Human space flight operations require 100% reliability, 24 hours a day

GMV INSYEN engineers have a knowledge database spanning decades of human space flight, and have defined mission operations concepts for complete mission programmes and accompanied programme development through all preparational phases, culminating in reliable and successful space operations. See Columbus Control Centre (Col-CC).

Columbus Flight Control:

We directly support operation of the European Columbus module attached to the International Space Station. GMV INSYEN engineers monitor and control the on-board thermal, environmental, computing and power supply systems, and interface directly with the Flight Control Team at the Johnson Space Centre (JSC) in Houston and the Marshall Space Flight Centre in Huntsville, Alabama. Our mission planners coordinate on-board experiments with the responsible European research centres, ensuring that all activities are allocated sufficient resources on-board the ISS and at the appropriate centres on the ground. GMV INSYEN engineers support ISS mission operations 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Columbus Ground Control:

The Columbus Control Centre computing network provides all the necessary support for space operations on the ISS and in Columbus. GMV INSYEN engineers monitor and control the telemetry and command, video and voice systems, supporting all Columbus operations. Incoming telemetry, video and voice data from the ISS are routed to the Columbus Control Centre for archival and distribution to 10 European user centres. We provide the necessary real-time support for ground system operation and maintenance 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

From computer system and network specification, through architectural design definition, requirement implementation, integration and system validation, our engineers have supported all areas of ground system development for Space Shuttle and International Space Station operations.

Our engineers are working to high standards as developed by the European Cooperation on Space Standardization (ECSS).

We have designed and developed several software tools which are used daily during console operations. As with all items playing a role in space operations, the highly reliable tools are designed for long-term use in both day-to-day and critical situations.

For more details check out our Operations Support Tools.

Mission Critical Software - Bespoke Solutions for 24/7 Operations

GMV INSYEN provides a software development service to industry covering all aspects of the development cycle from software specification and design through development, testing (both at unit and system integration level) to documentation and training.

GMV INSYEN is experienced in the development of many areas of software applications, including but not limited to simulations of complex systems, 3D visualization, web-based applications, high-rate data distribution systems, video applications, database applications and client/server applications.

As an example, GMV INSYEN engineers were key supporters in the specification, design and development of software for generic high-rate data processing. Originally conceived to process, distribute and archive International Space Station (ISS) and Columbus module data, the software was designed to permit flexible configuration and deployment, and is now additionally used to provide spacecraft monitoring and control for several projects at the German Space Operations Centre.

The software streams incoming spacecraft telemetry, voice and video data, internally between the various subsystems, and externally towards the participating international centres. In the reverse direction, users are provided the ability to command and control experiments on-board the Columbus Module of the ISS, and to retrieve data in real-time and playback mode.

In the field of human space flight and satellite project management, GMV INSYEN engineers have developed an impressive suite of software tools designed to accompany, track and document important aspects of critical project operations.

These modular software tools have been designed for easy transfer to foreign systems, and can be implemented individually or grouped as suites. These tools are used to ensure coordinated actions. They are used by both management and operators to collect and disseminate information from and to defined groups.

The tools cover such areas as day-to-day activity scheduling, problem tracking and reporting, activity notification and personal logs.

Further details can be seen here.