Mission Analysis, Navigation and Flight Dynamics

GMV INSYEN staff have been providing Mission Analysis, Navigation and Flight Dynamics development, maintenance and operations services to the European Space Operations Center (ESOC) for virtually all past European Space Agency missions and into the future. Our teams are also regularly serving Eumetsat missions providing mission analysis and flight dynamics systems and expertise.

GMV INSYEN is one of the key frame contractors to ESOC in the so-called Astrodynamics domain, including mission analysis, flight dynamics and satellite navigation.

GMV's main mission analysis, navigation and flight dynamics activities include:

  • Orbit design and analysis
  • Trajectory analysis and optimization
  • Launch window analysis
  • Precise Orbit Determination (POD)
  • Coverage, visibility and communications analysis
  • On-board instrument orientation design, analysis and calculation
  • Operational orbit determination and manoeuvre calculation
  • Satellite navigation development and services
  • Actual flight dynamics and navigation operations

Integrated within the GMV family of companies, we are a world leader in the domain: