Secure networds & Satellite Video Distribution Systems

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GMV INSYEN engineers supported the design and world-wide installation, and currently assist in maintenance, of the Interconnect Ground Subnetwork (IGS) at the Columbus Control Centre. The IGS is the means whereby International Space Station (ISS) telemetry and commands, video and voice data, are distributed between the various space centres in USA, Russia, and numerous European countries.

Each centre is outfitted with an IGS rack, comprising routers, switches, firewalls, video and voice equipment, as well as rack monitoring equipment, all supporting the relevant transmissions across the network. The network is still changing, and our engineers were extensively involved in planning, designing, testing and implementing the Wide Area Network migration from ATM/ISDN to MPLS.

Another proud milestone was the global hardware renewal, and merging the formerly physically separated networks on the same hardware, while still maintaining the logical separation of the networks.

The provision of reliable data services, redundancy, quality of service, security and secure communications, is part of our key knowledge. Our day-to-day business is proactive network management using various management tools. Our network engineers have more than a decade of international consulting experience and expertise, covering the design phase all the way up to the operational phase.

IP and Satellite Video Distribution Systems

We are specialists in professional video distribution solutions, from in-house video, video over IP to anywhere on the globe, or space to ground distribution via satellite transmissions.

For over a decade, GMV INSYEN engineers have supported the development and maintenance of the Columbus Video Distribution System, which includes more than 200 devices in more than 15 locations on two continents. This system serves the Columbus module attached to the International Space Station and is mission critical.

Low delay, no video interruption, back-ups, reliable designs to support 24/7 run-time, are just some of our proud milestones.

And the system is not static: new requirements, requests, and technologies are consistently tested, evaluated, and integrated into the system, under the watchful eyes of GMV INSYEN engineers.

Our engineers are working to high standards as developed by the European Cooperation on Space Standardization (ECSS).

We do not sell our own video products, and can manage our network of vendors and resellers in order to provide a rock-solid solution for an affordable price.