Mission Control Centre Systems Engineering

Managing design and implementation of complex environments

GMV INSYEN engineers have numerous years of experience in mission control centre system engineering, starting with system concept appraisals, continuing through system and subsystem design, requirement and interface definition, project reviews with issue resolution, system integration and test, to validation and qualification.

GMV INSYEN engineers supported development of the operations computer system at the Columbus Control Centre, comprising more than 80 servers used by 5 major subsystems, processing and distributing data to 18 centres world-wide.

Our engineers are working to high standards as developed by the European Cooperation on Space Standardization (ECSS).

GMV INSYEN is expert in the provision of all necessary documentation and support materials: architectural definitions, specifications, ICDs, IDDs, test plans, test procedures, test reports, requirement tracing and so on.

As part of sustained engineering and operations support, GMV INSYEN can provide engineering inputs to propose, design and implement system and subsystem upgrades. These upgrades can cover many areas of applicability, such as performance enhancement, obsolescence management, system reliability, etc.

All upgrades will be fully planned and managed in accordance with customer requirements to minimize system down times and operational impacts of any kind.

Design and Development Phases.