Product delivery to EMT


INSYEN is pleased to announce the delivery to EMT GmbH, located in Penzberg Germany of "uVIS", a product which provides a front-end visualisation for the EMT in-house Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) simulator.

This product, developed using VBS3 from Bohemia Interactive Simulations, adds to the portfolio of 3D visualisation systems/simulators already provided by INSYEN to industry.

The product will be used for the generation of sensor images for several of EMT’s UAVs as well as generating high resolution external 3D views which provide an excellent capability for trade show demonstrations and PR events.

The main purpose of this software product will be to support training for camera operators and video analysts. Further use is foreseen as the front end to the in house EMT development efforts.

INSYEN has used the high-fidelity 3D models and geo-specific terrains, created specifically for this project by INSYEN, to develop various true to life scenarios representing actual situations the UAV operators may experience. This provides an extensive level of training capabilities at a significantly reduced cost to the end user.

The main features of the product include:

  • visualisation of several types of aircraft including their control surfaces
  • support for daylight and infrared aircraft sensor pods and the generation of the sensor images
  • aircraft sensor footprint visualisation
  • simulation of aircraft net landing and parachute landing; in these cases uVIS takes control from the EMT in-house simulator (DySTT, Dynamic Simulation Transition Technology)
  • visualisation of ice building on the aircraft
  • visualisation of waypoints, restricted areas and areas without radio reception
  • antenna direction and course visualisation
  • freely movable and zoomable external camera
  • weather simulation

INSYEN will be showcasing this product at the following conferences: