desktop trainer

The Flexible training tool that effectively reproduces YOUR processes

The desktop trainer is a simple desktop computer used to train staff learning to interface with a complex system. It can be programmed to mimic your own system interfaces and to provide visible system reactions to user inputs.

The desktop trainer can thereby be used as a cost-effective solution to train staff members in the use of YOUR system, using YOUR interfaces and showing YOUR system reactions.

What is the set-up?

Included in the desktop trainer is a powerful simulator and 3D visualization software. The desktop trainer may be configured to use simulated data generated internally, your real-time system data routed to the desktop trainer, or a combination of the two.

Screen windows will be configured to show input data in an identical form to the real system. The training responsible person will be able to control data flow, set checkpoints, and introduce failure scenarios.

Further screen windows will be configured to show system reactions to user inputs, whereby the 3D visualization software offers a wide range of visual capabilities, including varying degrees of transparency, display of key parameters, alarm notifications, and so on.

What is the advantage?

Staff members may be trained in the operation of complex systems either collectively or individually, either in a classroom or from the comfort of their own offices.

Training on the real, end system can be minimized, thus signficantly reducing training costs while at the same time increasing end system availability.


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