L3 WESCAM MX™ – Emulator

A turret in your lab

GMV INSYEN has partnered with L3 WESCAM to develop the L3 WESCAM MX™-Emulator, a product that emulates the complete operations of L3 WESCAM's MX-Series of electro-optical and infra-red imaging turrets, including software and hardware interfaces necessary to integrate and test aircraft and other platforms that use L3 WESCAM MX series turrets.



  • Dramatically reduces Systems Integration Lab (SIL) development costs and provides a rapid return-on-investment
  • Mitigates risks of issues arising during critical system integration on key sensor platforms
  • Releases critical operational systems to the field vs. SIL's
  • Keeps operational systems and aircraft where they need to be, in support of operational missions


  • Highly specialized technology which replicates the functionality and interfaces of any MX-Series system. Provides all-encompassing IR, EO and Laser emulation
  • Modular solution - enables expansion to multiple participant scenarios and integration with other VBS based emulators/simulators
  • Compatible with other HLA (High Level Architecture) & DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) systems
  • Provides connectivity to any WESCAM standard turret control system: Hand-Controller, OCU, Joy Stick, Mission-Grip
  • An emulator and simulator in one package! Can be used to support MX-Series operator training under various mission scenarios


  • Integrates into any platform Systems Integration Lab (SIL)
  • Emulates a wide range of external signals from industry-standard interfaces and provides seamless interfaces to the system including: Ethernet, RS-232/422, MIL-STD-1553, YC, Composite Video, SDI Digital Video, Moving Map and Search Light
  • Developed with the highest standard of front-end graphics available
  • Interfaces with the Global Defense standard simulator engine, Virtual Battle Space 3 (VBS3)
  • Highly portable in a ruggedized pelican case designed for ground or air transportation worldwide