Reduce cost for training and rehearsal

GMV INSYEN has partnered with L3 WESCAM to develop L3 WESCAM MX™-Sim, a training product that simulates the complete operations of L3 WESCAM's MX-Series of electro-optical and infra-red imaging turrets. The L3 WESCAM MX™ – SIM provides training and rehearsal capability at a fraction of the cost of in-flight operational training.


  • Drastic savings through reduced actual flight time (fuel, crew time, maintenance, wear and tear on aircraft)
  • Frees up operational assets
  • Studies show that savings can be up to 70% depending on platform and student class size
  • Force multiplier by enhancing operator effectiveness
  • WESCAM supported development - as new technology introduced - hooks in place to increase simulator capability


  • Vast variety of mission scenarios
  • Operated by any WESCAM standard turret control device, i.e. HCU, OCU, Mission Grip
  • Provides mission logging/recording for post-simulation analysis
  • Highly ruggedised, self contained system, easily transportable world-wide
  • Can be integrated with other VBS based simulators, or simulators that use High Level Architecture (HLA) or the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)


  • Frees critical EO/IR sensor assets for operations
  • Extremely realistic training through high quality graphics, superior simulated targets, and adaptable operational scenarios
  • Significantly increases the combat and operational potential of deployed forces
  • Complements existing operator training and designed to seamlessly integrate into any organization’s training plan
  • Provides multiple user mission scenarios including: maritime, urban, and rural scenarios
  • Adjustable external environment includes weather changes, day/night, fog, and haze
  • Customer selectable platforms - Fixed wing/Rotary wing aircraft