MICONYS is the European Space Agency suite of ground software for Mission Control

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This suite of tools allow:

  • spacecraft monitoring and control
  • TM/TC database management
  • automation
  • parameters archiving
  • data dissemination

GMV INSYEN has participated in its development with a number of components, including maintenance release of its core component for satellite monitoring and control SCOS-2000.

The mission specific Mission Control software developed by GMV INSYEN for ESA and EUMETSAT missions is based on the MICONYS infrastructure. Typically the MICONYS software components need to be extended to support new mission specific operational needs stemming both from specific satellite features and new operational needs.

More specifically, GMV INSYEN has been responsible for the monitoring and control software for the following ESA missions: GOCE, Cryosat-1/2, Swarm, Sentinels series (1,2,3 and 5p), EarthCARE, Bepi Colombo and Solar Orbiter. EUMETSAT has also adopted the ESA MICONYS infrastructure for its future programmes MTG (GEO fleet) and EPS-SG (LEO fleet) for which GMV is also developing the ground control segment. In particular MICONYS is used for the monitoring and control and database management components. The GMV INSYEN office in Darmstadt close to the final users at ESA Operations Centre (ESOC) and EUMETSAT plays a key role in all these projects from requirements capture to support to operations and maintenance phases.